Arnon Barnes: Wisdom is the cornerstone of opportunity


ARNON BARNES In practice, it looks like this: we take a decision, not even being aware of the fact that we are in a ‘weakened state’. Than 3, 6 or even 12 months later it becomes clear to us that the decision we took turns out to be a bad decision and as a result we lose more confidence in ourselves. We have proven what we already felt on a deeper level – that we are not good enough. As a result, we start to distance ourselves and even avoid taking decisions all together. And when you are a business leader, a business owner, well then: “Houston we have a problem!”

As you can see, this ‘lack of confidence’ in ourselves and in our ability to make wise and empowering decisions, plays a significant role in determining the quality of our lives. As I quoted earlier: “It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

Let’s start from the foundation with my first question. ‘Can a human being increase their confidence levels?’ The answer is yes! Absolutely, it is possible.

The next question is ‘If you wanted to increase your confidence levels, how would you go about doing that? What are three things, actions, that you can do, actions that you can take to elevate your confidence?’

Personally, when I’m in need of a ‘confidence boost’ these are some of the actions I take that always seem to help me ‘step into my power’. They are: kickboxing, watching an inspiring movie, reading a self-help book or even something as simple as celebrating a business or personal win or a success that I have just experienced.

And with that, my question to you is: ‘If you wanted to increase your confidence levels even more, what are three actions you can take to help you ‘step into your power’?’

This links us directly into the second part of the ‘success equation’.

ACTION! A decision is a great start, but any decision is worthless without following through. Decisions MUST be followed up with focused, committed action.

My coaching clients and all business owners and leaders that I work with, all know that whether they want to increase profitability, strengthen their teams or simply get themselves into a peak state, it all boils down to action.

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About Arnon Barnes
Arnon Barnes, International Speaker, Peak Performance Trainer and Business Mentor, teaches business owners the mindset of a winner. He – by own experience and by knowledge – will do anything in his power to let you be the entrepreneur you need to be, making sure every aspect of your life gets better. Arnon’s approach is all about results, business strategies and tactics, but most of all it’s about you. Arnon will give you unconditional and unquestionable support and straight, honest feedback. He takes you out of your comfort zone and tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. He expects a high commitment and a ‘whatever i takes’ mentality of his clients. He will show you what you don’t see yet, leaving you empowered, hopeful and ready for action!