Belgian entrepreneurs: Fashion and fitness in Belgium


We look at four more talented Belgian entrepreneurs.

Tony Delcampe: La Cambre
Tony Delcampe, Professeur and Head of Fashion Department La Cambre Mode[s] since 1999. He is also Fashion Department Coordinator at ALBA, Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts. Delcampe explains: “The Stylisme and Fashion Design studio offers training which hinges on the two primary axes of its title. Stylisme meets a precise demand in a given context. It immerses itself in brand strategy development from every angle: product, communication, distribution, extensive research. Cultural, social, aesthetic and technical skills combined with analysis abilities, the accuracy of perception and of communication are the assets of a fashion designer positioned at the centre of the company.”

Faithful to its DNA and 10 years after the creation of his company Demain, il fera jour, David Carette launches a new cheeky collection. The story is worth the detour since, at the origin, Demain, il fera jour. was not meant to be worn. David Carette became the man at the helm of a ‘clothing label’, sort of by accident. An instinctive and distinctive object, his famous sweatshirt is first worn by friends and is not for sale. Buoyed by its success, his designs are a hit and demands pour in. A first large-scale production was launched, the Demain, il fera jour label was born.

BELGIAN ENTREPRENEURS Roland Herlory VilebrequinRoland Herlory: Vilebrequin
Roland Herlory started to work for Vilebrequin in September of 2012, after its acquisition by the American group G-III Apparel. He worked for Hermès for more than 20 years as director for the ‘Special orders dept’ and as Director of Latin Americas before arriving at Vilebrequin. He is also keen on contemporary art and ran a gallery for several years. Herlory says: “Vilebrequin has called the world’s oceans home for almost fifty years now. Knowing we can make a difference on our own scale, we’ve created a new eco friendly label – ‘Save The Oceans’ – dedicated to sustainably made garments using recycled or recyclable materials. A first step towards change.” Look for the label in Vilebrequin stores or visit

BELGIAN ENTREPRENEURS Daniel Camus Body Training StudioDaniel Camus: Body Training Studio
Daniel Camus is a professional football player and Belgian businessman. This Brussels-based manager runs a large number of companies active in the field of events, investment, real estate and management. In 2014 he returned to his first love and successfully launched a project related to sport and wellbeing called Body Training Studio, number one Belgian in the field of EMS (electro myo stimulation). Today, BTS has more than a dozen establishments on the territory and the first franchises were introduced in January 2018 in Belgium and internationally.

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