Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Jeremy Hackett: Posh rags to riches

In recent years, he searched for and found his mother and his father whose identity his mother had kept from him. “She said to...

Just being sociable

Some of them even got on so well that we are here today writing and reading this. Of course, the activity has changed but...

J&Joy opens flagship store in Liège

J & JOY is proud to open its first store in the heart of Liège just around the corner from the Pot of Gold....

Coloured Wines: red, white and pink

In line with the theme of this month’s edition, I have the chance to delve a little deeper into three wines, one each of the classic hues....

Bringing true colour into your life

As an avid reader of high-quality magazines (evidently) you probably have an appreciation of style, layout and, most important of all, colour. The way colour is displayed and...

French seek haven in Belgium

The village of néchin in Belgium, located just a mile from the French border and the town of Roubaix (Nord), is comprised of 27% of French, often...

Mobile phones to be banned for children

Public Health minister Laurette Onkelinx has announced that sales of mobile phones to children under 7 years will be banned in shops and also...

The world of watch making

Outside the impressive front door of the Christie Auction House in Paris, on the way to an event showcasing eight young watchmakers from the company Girard-Perregaux, I had...

Executive transport

In January 1943, Franklin Roosevelt became the first serving US President to fly in an aircraft for official purposes. The destination was Casablanca in...

A conversation with Chanel’s top perfume ‘nose’

Perfumer Jacques Polge is the third generation “Nose” at Chanel; Coco Mademoiselle and the men’s fragrance Bleu de Chanel are among his many creations...
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