Friday, April 12, 2024
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Mystery of the royal ‘Bat shield’

Blistering bat shield! Apart from Ray-Ban sunglasses and squirly communications wires, the security detail walking alongside King Philippe's limousine on the royal procession seemed...

Brussels airport closed for royal fly-past

No flights will be allowed to land at Brussels Airport between 5pm and 6pm on Sunday. The closure of airspace at the airport to...

Campaign to slow down cyclists

A number of rumble strips to slow down cyclists riding along the River Scheldt are being received with mixed emotions. The rumble strips were...

Café Costume suits are both traditional and personal

In the mid-2000s, Bruno Van Gils decided it was time to do something about what he saw as the two ills of contemporary suit...

The flip-side of technology

The other day at the breakfast table, my husband and I were discussing the approaching birthday of our nephew. “We haven’t seen him in...

A new “Diamond Lounge” opened by Tollet

Tollet has opened a room in their store on 36 Rue des Fripiers dedicated to the sale of jewellery and luxury watches. Called the...

Together Magazine’s Golf Tournament to be held July 7

The 2013 edition of the Golf Tournament is being sponsored by Aspira, BMW, Qatar Airways, Cuberdons Léopold, Ice Watch, Issey Miyake, ING and La...

Food prices in Belgium above EU average

Prices for food and non-alcoholic drinks are relatively high in Belgium. Statistics released by Eurostat show that price levels here can be situated 10...

Brussels law courts to become massive shopping mall

The iconic law courts of Brussels, the Palais de Justice, one of the largest buildings in Europe, is to be transformed in part into...

Beauty and comfort in sunwear

When it comes to swimwear, at least, we all know: women want something that’s not only pretty but also comfortable and, need it be...
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