Monday, July 22, 2024
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Technology: Are Cookies Bad For You?

Technology: Our tech guy Colin Moors delves into the mystery of HTTP cookies – the ones girl guides don’t sell! Are cookies bad for...

Technology future: Looking ahead to the next century

In his technology future article our tech guy Colin Moors dabbles in a bit of futurology. Not really, no - but as we say "hello"...

Technology: Green Power

Our tech guy Colin Moors takes a shower, finds a nest and recharges his batteries in a walk around green power. Unless you have been...

Technology: Online Dating

Technology: Gemma Rose reflects on the life lessons of online dating. When a friend of mind suggested that I try internet dating, I was pretty...

Technology: Passwords in Progress

Technology: Our resident tech guy Colin Moors delves into the murky world of passwords. Hate them or ignore them, you can't love them. This...

Technology Africa, living a new industrial revolution

In his technology Africa article Colin Moors looks at how technology has improved on the world’s second largest continent. My columns for this esteemed publication...

New year technology: Going Back to 2019

In his New Year Technology piece our tech guy Colin Moors does his annual roundup of those wonderful gadgets. Around this time of year, thoughts...

Technology: Is it too smart for its own good?

Our technology guy Colin Moors goes in search of dumb and dumber. There is an unwritten rule in the technology community and, more generally in...

App technology: The very best newest apps for a better holiday

In his app technology piece our tech guy Colin Moors runs the rule over the latest seasonal apps. With the summer holiday season looming larger...

Technology and money: Find out about cryptic currencies

Our technology guy Colin Moors turns his attention to non-existent currencies. Warning: This is about cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Don't worry though, the aim of...
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