Monday, July 22, 2024
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New: AquaCircuit Classes at Aspria

Aspria is constantly innovating, this time bringing the principles of CrossFit to the pool.  Forget everything you thought you knew about group classes practiced in...

Golf: Learn how to drive, chip and putt

After a very exciting Ryder Cup, maybe its' time to give the game a try. James Drew met leading golf coach Jusitne Dreher at...

Robbie Stakelum: Four tips for preventing burnout

Life coach Robbie Stakelum looks at what we can do to manage commitments The summer break was great for disconnecting from work, leaving behind stress...

Rugby: Crouch, bind, set!

Catherine Feore meets the president of one of Brussels most popular sports clubs. The Rugby World Cup has put the game of rugby in the...

Savvy sports nutrition for summer fitness

Liz Cassidy advises on how to make sure your diet can help maximize your fitness goals. Summer is upon us. You’re more energetic, more outdoorsy...

Summer vibes

Karen Northshield looks into why we feel so much happier in the summer. Why does the summer give us such great vibes and why do...

A parent’s guide to sports training for kids and teens

Aspria’s Royal La Rasante club has an impressive approach to engaging and encouraging children to become healthier and happier  How many hours of physical activity...

Aspria: Three fitness classes that are gentle on your body 

Being fit isn’t just about high-intensity exercise, it’s about flexibility, good breathing and body balance. How can you (re-)start being active, without the risk of...

Kimberley Wilson: How to future-proof your brain

Kimberley Wilson is on a mission to ensure that we look after that most complex of organs, the brain. Wilson wants us to develop...

Sarbani Sen: A path to self discipline and meaningful living

Sarbani Sen makes a compelling case for the restorative and regenerative powers of Kundalini Yoga. Never heard of it? Read on.  My journey of discovery...
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