Monday, July 22, 2024
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Healthy living: Discover how to drink more water with waterdrop

In our latest Healthy Living article Liz Newmark explores the fascinating world of waterdrop drinks, bottles and filter caps. Drinking more water is good for...

Gut nutrition: Diet and gut, a healthy microbiome

Our nutrition expert Sophie Bruno spotlights the importance of diet in healthy gut nutrition. The gut microbiome is often considered a ‘forgotten organ’ or the...

Healthy by Together magazine June distribution

Healthy by Together distributed its latest issue, packed with health and fitness tips. The event was sponsored by Alline Procap, manufactured by the Belgian...

Bednet: A social initiative for sick children

Bednet offers the right to education, even when ill. It seems self-evident. Even when you are ill for a long time, you preserve the right...

Healthy nutrition: 5 tips for turning food into fuel

Together’s dietician expert Sophie Bruno talks about healthy nutrition and looks at food choices before, during and after workouts. No matter what your goal is...

Lifestyle changes: How to deal with emotional detox

In our second lifestyle changes detox article, intuitive healer Katarina Winslow invites us to listen to the voice in our head. We all have that...

Belgium Healthcare: Discover the Partena Business & Expat agency

In our latest Belgium Healthcare article we look at an agency that specializes in looking after expats. The Partena Business & Expat agency, located in...

The clash of the ash

Looking for a new team sport? One that involves multiple skills? Then Gaelic sports could be for you. Together met with Seán Ryan, the...

Health & Fitness: The Breathing Formula

Kate Cracknell offers a few reminders regarding our breath and presents a unique breathing formula! Over the years, you’ve probably forgotten how to breathe properly....

Belgian health: How does insurance in Belgium work?

James Drew recounts how easy Partena Business & Expats make Belgian health insurance when you arrive in Belgium. Whenever I arrive somewhere new, one of...
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