Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Belgian health: How does insurance in Belgium work?

James Drew recounts how easy Partena Business & Expats make Belgian health insurance when you arrive in Belgium. Whenever I arrive somewhere new, one of...

Fitness: Focus on functional training

myAspria Editor Maïté Mignot takes a close look at functional training. Functional training in detail You’ve probably heard of the term ‘functional’.  What does it mean? Classical...

Brussels yoga: The physical and mental benefits

Brussels yoga and fitness instructor Karen Northshield explains why yoga is the root of health. As a hatha yoga instructor I am often asked the...

Alline Procap: Impressive results from tests by Wowo’s

Belgian pharmaceutical company Trenker Laboratories, creators of Alline Procap, has teamed up with Wowo's, WonderFul Women community, the network of women with projects to test...

10 things that will get you a six-pack

Aspria Personal Coach Sofia Beloka talks about improving our ‘core’. We all know the effects that prolonged sitting can have on our bodies, but if...

Brussels fitness: Why everyone should try boxing

Aspria, experts in Brussels fitness, explain how this sport allows you to combine cardio and all-round muscle strengthening with a focus on core muscles...

BodyART: Get into some soulful body training

myASPRIA’s Nadine Zaydan explains the power of the BodyART training phenomenon. Robert Steinbacher’s body training method has become a worldwide phenomenon. His method has been...

Aqua JUMP: Get fit with a bit of bouncing

myAspria Contributor Nils Courcy declares that fitness can be fun with Aqua JUMP. Created in Brazil, Aqua JUMP is the little brother of aquagym and...

Health and fitness: Fit Boxing

Boxing workout for me? Are you kidding me? No way! You might be positively surprised by all the benefits it delivers. For any level, any...

Ryad Merhy: Pride and passion sport and boxing

Aspria spoke to one of the Belgian’s finest athletes, Ryad Merhy, about his fitness methods. (In this time of COVID-19, why not install a...
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