Monday, July 22, 2024
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Israel-Gaza – The EU must not remain silent while a tragedy...

Catherine Feore looks at the EU’s response to events in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories On 7 October, we woke up to appalling news....

Meet Belarus’s exiled leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya

Together editor Catherine Feore met with Belarus’s leader in exile On 9 August 2020, Belarus held national elections. Alexander Lukashenko, who had been in power...

A first step towards taxing actual rents

By requiring “professional” tenants to provide the tax man with information on their landlord, the government is taking a first step towards a tightened...

The art of investing

Catherine Feore takes a look at art as an investment  It is estimated that the value of global art transactions was worth more than €60...

Unlocking the potential of ESG ratings

Arnaud Houdmont, Director of Communication, BETTER FINANCE, decodes the latest proposal from the European Commission assessing its promise, and its problems. It is an undeniable...

Spain in the spotlight

Together looks ahead to the Spanish presidency of the EU Ahead of recent local elections in May, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez pulled out all...

How a digital euro can prevent future banking crises

Positive Money Europe’s Vicky van Eyck offers her perspective on the possibilities a digital euro could present The fall of Silicon Valley Bank and the...

Financial fraud is on the rise

Together offers some top tips to make sure you aren’t taken in by financial fraudsters. Increasingly, people pay for goods and services online. Most of...

Happy St Patrick’s Day: Ireland celebrates 50 years in Europe

In 1973 Ireland joined the European Communities. Together met with Ambassador Tom Hanney, Ireland’s Permanent Representative to the EU to find out why the...

Are financial markets on the road to recovery?

Dave Deruytter looks ahead to the new year and calls for cautious optimism. It has been a dramatic year for the financial markets. Most news...
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