Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Rugby: Crouch, bind, set!

Catherine Feore meets the president of one of Brussels most popular sports clubs. The Rugby World Cup has put the game of rugby in the...

Savvy sports nutrition for summer fitness

Liz Cassidy advises on how to make sure your diet can help maximize your fitness goals. Summer is upon us. You’re more energetic, more outdoorsy...

Unlocking the potential of ESG ratings

Arnaud Houdmont, Director of Communication, BETTER FINANCE, decodes the latest proposal from the European Commission assessing its promise, and its problems. It is an undeniable...

Summer vibes

Karen Northshield looks into why we feel so much happier in the summer. Why does the summer give us such great vibes and why do...

Make the most of your summer

Robbie Stakelum outlines the benefits of giving yourself a break. After a long, busy and stressful few months the much anticipated summer break is on...

A parent’s guide to sports training for kids and teens

Aspria’s Royal La Rasante club has an impressive approach to engaging and encouraging children to become healthier and happier  How many hours of physical activity...

Spain in the spotlight

Together looks ahead to the Spanish presidency of the EU Ahead of recent local elections in May, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez pulled out all...

A practical guide to improving your resilience

Robbie Stakelum is a life coach, trainer and yoga teacher. Do you want to enhance your resilience? Here’s some practical advice on how to...

BEPS – A school is not a factory

Together shines a light on an international school that takes a different approach to learning.  Traditionally, schools have been, and often still are, set-up like...

Aspria: Three fitness classes that are gentle on your body 

Being fit isn’t just about high-intensity exercise, it’s about flexibility, good breathing and body balance. How can you (re-)start being active, without the risk of...
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