Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Meet Belarus’s exiled leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya

Together editor Catherine Feore met with Belarus’s leader in exile On 9 August 2020, Belarus held national elections. Alexander Lukashenko, who had been in power...

A first step towards taxing actual rents

By requiring “professional” tenants to provide the tax man with information on their landlord, the government is taking a first step towards a tightened...

Public speaking: The Wizard of Oz Formula and the Rule of...

Matthew Cossolotto suggests ways you can pack more punch into your presentations Welcome to our fifth article in Together’s Public Speaking Master Class from a...

Fat-free fashion – in or out?

Together’s nutrition guru, Liz Cassidy, proffers some not so fatuous dietary advice. We’re all familiar with the concept of ‘lean cuisine’. Influencing our own home-cooking,...

New: AquaCircuit Classes at Aspria

Aspria is constantly innovating, this time bringing the principles of CrossFit to the pool.  Forget everything you thought you knew about group classes practiced in...

The art of investing

Catherine Feore takes a look at art as an investment  It is estimated that the value of global art transactions was worth more than €60...

Sarbani Sen: Rid yourself of limiting beliefs!

What is high-potential activation? Sarbani Sen takes a look at how we are holding ourselves back and how we can free ourselves from negative...

Golf: Learn how to drive, chip and putt

After a very exciting Ryder Cup, maybe its' time to give the game a try. James Drew met leading golf coach Jusitne Dreher at...

Robbie Stakelum: Four tips for preventing burnout

Life coach Robbie Stakelum looks at what we can do to manage commitments The summer break was great for disconnecting from work, leaving behind stress...

Rugby: Crouch, bind, set!

Catherine Feore meets the president of one of Brussels most popular sports clubs. The Rugby World Cup has put the game of rugby in the...
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