Celebrity actress Sienna Miller is a native New Yorker


CELEBRITY ACTRESS You are also starring opposite Russell Crowe and Naomi Watts in The Loudest Voice, which is a TV mini-series about former Fox Chairman and CEO, Roger Ailes and looking at the transformation you went through, it’s amazing. How did that feel?
It was pretty liberating, actually. I am playing a real woman Elizabeth Ailes, who was married to Roger and she is a very religious Republican woman. It was a really interesting role to play and I felt very much like I could completely go there in terms of the character, because of it. But four hours of being in make-up and having prosthetics is a lot! [Laughs].

What made you make the move to New York?
I was born in New York, so I feel very at home living there, now. Over time, my work has become increasingly based in the US, so it made much more sense to live there. Especially now that my daughter’s in school, it means that I don’t have to spend too much time away from her, except for filming.

It is a welcome change and a nice, I still have so much love for London and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to go back when I can – even if it’s for a small amount of time.

When you’re on the red carpet, you always look stunning and stylish. Now that your daughter is getting older, is she recognizing this more and more?
Well, she is very much into her own kind of thing. I loved it when she was still so little and I had the chance to choose what to dress her in, like a little orphan and all of that was very cute. But now, all she wants to wear is hi-tops and leggings and she will not let me get involved! I want her to wear some dresses.

What also isn’t really fair is that she wants to dress me in belly shirts and I’m sorry, no, no, no. Those days are well and truly in the past [laughs].

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