Celebrity: Chloe Bennet – an animated star


What would happen if Yi had Daisy’s superpowers? [Laughs]. It would probably be a very short movie and then everything would be done very quickly. However, I do think that Yi does have a superpower and what I love about Daisy is also the same as what I love about Yi. Daisy has quick abilities, but her power is so much more about who she is as a person, and I think that is also emblematic of Yi. She discovers herself and her confidence as well as her family, and that home is where the heart is, and that is her power.

The film has some stunning scenes, doesn’t it? I really love the canola fields and the flowers in the film, but I really loved all of the movie. The animators did such a gorgeous job with the film, and I loved the part with the blueberries, which I know is not real, but those big blueberries, I would love to get my hands on them!

But also, it’s a film where all of the locations are real, which I know seems crazy with it being an animated movie, but it’s true – they are all completely real places that we went to and did filming in. I feel a bit bad because the way that those places look absolutely incredible in this film, may not look exactly as they would do if you went to them in real life. But the locations we went to are still amazing places.

I’ve heard that you got to lay your voice down for the character of Yi as audio, and then wait for the animations to match with them. What was it like when you saw the result? Yeah, I have actually been doing this project for about three years, so I have had to be at my most patient, more than any time in my whole life! [Laughs] But to be honest, the whole thing kind of crept up on me, and as it coincided with the filming I was doing for the new series of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,. I would go in to do the voiceovers for Yi in the afternoons that I had available – so, maybe a couple of hours and then back the next time.

The next time that I did go in, every time without fail, there had been more development in between, and then after a matter of time… it was just there, right in front of me and time had flown over and I could see the results. What you have to have when you are doing voiceover work for film or TV is an incredible amount of imagination and also a whole lot of energy. That wasn’t something I was expecting at all, and I had to really adapt to that. It’s so different to being on screen as yourself.

Mainly because you don’t have someone there to bounce off, you do all of the voice recordings by yourself. You don’t have a wardrobe to assist you in getting into that character and make it authentic, you don’t have a makeup department, no hair stylists, nothing at all like that. Your voice is the only thing that you aren’t stripped of, and that becomes your tool to act, which becomes a totally powerful thing. That is so big when you are a woman, especially because you’re used to it when people reduce to judging you almost entirely on how you look. That’s an insecurity that you can see in those who get that in front of the cameras. So, that felt like an experience where I was really freed up.