Cyber nomads: Is this the sexiest job in the world?


As they are very mobile, they don’t have a problem in chasing the sun wherever it might be, or the festivals or the best yoga workshops with the best teachers – anywhere in the world. They like promoting new and exciting projects, which move the world in the right direction or bring more beauty, ease and joy to fellow humans. The New Age Cyber Nomads will carry their spirituality wherever they are: eat healthy, exercise and think-speak-act in an aligned way with higher goals as often as possible.

Mobile communicators
They love jobs based on mobiles phones or laptops. Typically jobs in PR, communications, journalism, brand managers, community managers, coaching, event organizers and media related jobs. They enjoy hav fun with their cameras, are joyful, fun to be with or quite serious about some issues. They make good reporters, journalists and create viral documentaries or VNRs or short clips. Basically, everything that allows them to use all their skills!

A dream task could be spokesperson for a worldwide brand and promote #businesswithathirdeye or #theworldismyoyster. Since they are passionate about social development, ecology and a new world of work, they are good at contributing on new projects using good sense while writing reports, bringing back information and sharing their opinion to the several virtual social groups they are part of or manage, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo Youtube or any other social network that offers the opportunity to share with a larger group and discuss issues with and about the world.

Giving back
The new cyber nomads are quite social too, and usually like to invest time and/or money in local projects or develop some personal creative projects. They can be opinion leaders or promoters, and as such they can be used to promote projects at grassroots level or at a global level. Woofing is another option for the more progressive among them: live and work in exchange of food and shelter on biological farms around the world (

Outgrow your brand
Cyber nomads are the best companions to build a virtual community. They understand global needs, can communicate with the world and share information they are passionate about. This creates huge brand awareness and creates even more possibilities for product placement. If you are considering hiring a cyber nomad, these are the questions you need to ask yourself before: “What else is possible with my brand? Is it sustainable? Will it bring a change in the world?”

Alternative new ethos
They are part of larger communities with or without a name, live in a world of travel with friends all over the world, usually from mixed or hybrid origins. If you feel you are one of us, rejoice, you’re not alone! Come and enjoy the world of Burners or Festivals, this is where they usually hide.

These reunions focus on integrating a sustainability ethos with arts and culture. The key goal is to provide a transformational festival for people of different ethnic backgrounds, nationality and ages. It is a state of mind, inspired by the principles of oneness, peace, creativity, sustainability, transcendence, alternative culture, active participation, evolution and love – it is a space where people from all over the world can converge to experience an alternative reality.

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