Holiday fitness: Keep in shape when you’re away


Why is it advantageous to go to a trainer to set up a traveler or holiday exercise plan?
Of course, as with any exercise routine it is better to set up a ‘traveler training plan’ with a trainer. They can check that the exercises are well executed and your alignment is well-maintained. It is also important to know the different modifications of the exercises to progress and regress a certain training routine to make it accessible and have ideas for changing it. Almost always there are physical problems. It is really rare to find an individual who is completely free of injury or pain. Often one of the exercises suggested will trigger pain. It does not mean they are not working well, but it does mean that we need to regress and modify them in a way that works for the individual, while staying simple and easy to execute. The general experience is that people lose their motivation to perform too complex exercise routines on their own. They stick with time-efficient and simple exercises.

HOLIDAY FITNESSI have many clients who aske me what they could do when they are on holiday or on a business trip. This is something they really need due to their lifestyle – they are always travelling, and they have very little time to take care of themselves. They need something easily accessible, quick and efficient, otherwise they will simply stop exercising and come back from their time out with great regrets about all the ice cream, beer and cocktails consumed.

So does that mean that everyone should perform the same exercises?
No. The modifications of the exercises can vary from person to person, just as the way we schedule the exercise can change depending on the person’s objectives, age, posture and injuries. I like to give a guideline to people on how to carry on exercising, but exactly the same routine cannot work for everyone. There are always specific individual needs. A collection of simple exercises is a good way to start, but again: the help of a trained professional is a big advantage even if it can be only occasional to check the posture, the alignment of exercises and change the plans from time to time.

Are there exercises I could do in a hotel room?
Yes, the body weight exercises are not only ideal for going to the beach but also they work well in a hotel room.