Home fitness: Europe’s favourite home workouts in 2020


Home fitness: Discover Europe’s choices when it comes to staying fit

With gyms constantly closing and reopening, much of the world has turned to at-home workouts – whether you’re following online group classes or searching for a workout that caters to your needs, people around the world have done their best to stay fit.

After exploring the trendiest diets of 2020 back in October, GolfSupport.com decided to turn their attention to which workouts were the most popular of 2020.

By collecting and analysing average monthly Google search volume data, GolfSupport can reveal which workouts are the most preferred within Europe, as well as a breakdown of workouts per country analysed.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout is the most popular workout in Europe, with a yearly average of 479,760 searches!

Cardio is up next in second place, with just under 100,000 European searches in 2020 – 92,040.

Surprisingly, the third most popular workout of the world is a Dance workout, with 43,480 searches through 2020. It seems people love to get fit whilst also getting their groove on, no doubt a side effect of viral TikTok dance videos!

Boxing workouts have punched their way into fourth place, with 21,520 average searches this year. Strength training is in fifth place, with 11,960 searches in 2020.

In seventh and eighth place for European search volume popularity is Bodybuilding, with 9,080 searches, and MMA workouts, with an average of 9,060 searches.

The least popular workout within Europe is LISS – Low Intensity Steady State training, with only 4,520 searches for a European average.


How do these workouts fair within Europe?
Since HIIT was the most popular workout for 19 of the 20 countries reviewed, GolfSupport decided to look at the second most popular workout for the top 20 most populated countries in Europe.

Serbia is the only country to not favour HIIT; their trendiest workout according to online search volumes is Cardio! 1,080 searches account for cardio workouts over 2020. HIIT was the second most popular work out, with 600 average searches.

A Cardio workout was the second most popular workout for 17 out of the 20 countries looked at. These include the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Spain, and France!

In Germany, the second most popular workout was a Dance workout, with 18,000 searches on average for 2020!

In Belgium, second place results were tied: Cardio and Dance workouts both had, on average, 800 Google searches.

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