In Belgium: The Joys Of Wallonia


Euro Space Center: The space adventure begins at the Euro Space Center, a theme park for live spatial conquest. Embark on a fun and rewarding adventure!

Astronaut training – Your child is looking for an opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the pioneers of the space conquest? Head for the Euro Space Center and our astronaut internship, with simulations of lunar and Martian walking, space mission, construction and launch of rockets – our trainees are the space heroes of tomorrow. The life of the astronauts will have no secrets from them!

The future of aerospace – The future of aerospace is also being built at the Euro Space Center with satellites, rockets, drones, robotics, astronomy. Aerospace is at the heart of the courses offered at the Euro Space Center. It is a great opportunity to get involved in the backstage of an interplanetary mission and imagine the challenges of tomorrow. Hundreds of astronaut candidates join us every year to share a hectic adventure, a journey where technological and human frontiers know no bounds. The immersion is total and the challenge lives up to everyone’s expectations. Our limit is space!