Kate Hudson: In a happy, healthy place


KATE HUDSON “That’s part of it,” she said. “The basic message involves empowering women and inspiring confidence about how we can build our lives in a more positive and healthy way. I wanted to deal with basic questions that women are facing today. There are so many expectations we have to deal with in terms of how we look, how we’re supposed to juggle work and children, and the kind of mom we’re supposed to be. We have a lot of issues regarding how we see ourselves and how much we worry about living up to our own expectations and how our role in society has changed.”

It seems her inspiration to write it came from a sudden realization. “One day I stopped and wondered to myself: ‘What the hell is happiness’; And when I started thinking deeply about that I came to the understanding that it doesn’t just come out of nowhere and that you can’t afford to wait around for it to hit you. You have to chase it, or at least have an active attitude and work at thinking creatively and purposefully about your life.

So I wanted to share with people the kinds of experiences I’ve gone through and what has worked for me. I think if you look hard enough you can always find interesting ideas or principles that are going to motivate and inspire you to do more with your life and feel better.”

And the reaction from women she has met has been very positive indeed. She said:  “It’s been wonderful.  I’ve discovered that there are so many women out there who are looking for basic encouragement and motivation to get their lives together.

“Fitness is not just about the physical aspect: it’s also a matter of mental and spiritual wellbeing. Staying active and fit helps to stimulate the brain, and it enables you to see things more clearly. The problem, if anything, is to find the motivation to do exercise. Sometimes exercise becomes an impossible task. But we need to overcome that feeling. Being fit is not a question of looking good – it’s a mental and physical requirement for feeling healthy about our mind and spirit.”