Marion Cotillard: Feel the comfort and love


What was it like working with Michael Fassbender again?
We both loved the idea of being able to work together on another project especially one which was so different from Macbeth which was very dark and exhausting. Michael is one of the best actors in the world and it’s exciting to work with someone who gives everything he has to a film. I’m the same way. And we were both very curious and anxious to work with Justin as director again because he also brings the same kind of commitment.

marion cotillardHave you ever worked on films where you didn’t have such a good connection with the director or actors?
Yes, and it’s a terrible feeling. That’s why I’m very careful when it comes to choosing projects and especially the director.

One of your other upcoming films is Until the End of the World with Xavier Dolan who is considered one of the best young directors in the business?
Xavier and I are like soul mates. He wants to create a very intense and close-knit atmosphere on the set, and he has a very unique way of working. He will be talking to you while you’re shooting a scene or he will be playing music in the background to take you where he wants you to go with your performance.

What was it like shooting the film with Dolan?
It’s a very intense family drama and there’s a lot of arguing and difficult situations. The dialogue is very fast and my character is quite nervous and confused so I had to work hard to be able to remember all my lines and still be able to play the character as naturally as possible.

But it was the kind of experience I thrive on because I like pushing myself beyond what I think are my limits. It’s a way of facing up to your fears and then having the satisfaction of having conquered them.

You’ve achieved more than most people in your profession ever get a chance to accomplish. Are you more comfortable now in terms of dealing with all the attention that comes with your level of fame?
I’m still very shy although I don’t panic when people approach me, and I can speak more easily in those situations compared to how nervous and uncomfortable I would have been earlier in my career. I still have a hard time seeing myself on magazine covers or on film posters, though. (laughs)

I’m not someone who really enjoys the glamour and the red carpets and all of that. The only thing I ever really wanted from this profession was to have the recognition for my work. But even that made me uncomfortable because I wondered whether it was healthy to want the attention and love of people for my work.

I have learnt to accept that as something which is part of your desire to be a performer and how you want people to appreciate what you have brought to your character and the way a story is told.

Is life easier in general for you now?
I take things more philosophically than I did before. I also feel the comfort and love that comes with having my own family and being a mother.  There’s less pressure to prove myself and I think that makes my life much simpler and calmer. (She smiles) But sometimes I still wish I could be as confident as I am when I’m playing a character!