Personal development: More tips for the slow lane


Our personal development writer Sarbani Sen offers further advice on slowing down and taking it step by step.

Slow fashion

Even the fashion world is going through a paradigm shift. What a fuss about creating and buying new collections each season! Not so long ago, humans had the one set of clothes they made themselves and used to create new ones when the first ones were torn. The Amish still live like this: no mirrors, no clothes other than the ones you are wearing, no cars, no transportation, etc. Now vintage is the new “environmentally sustainable chic”. It’s an ideal solution according to Atelier Kingsley based in the UK. Quality not quantity is the new chic. Why not adopt it as a lifestyle? Buy new clothes every now and then, but pick your pieces from fancy vintage shops. There are plenty online too.

ETSY,for instance, is a worldwide shop for promoting artisans in the art of clothing too.

Slow sex
Slow sex can be linked to the tantra philosophy. In tantra a great big deal is given to breathing, connecting to all the elements (tattvas) and adjusting each other’s energies before even going for copulation. People want to try a new version of togetherness: through breathing and chakra opening, we can reach higher levels of consciousness. It will take more time of course than the usual short satisfactory ‘quickie’. But if we are in slow mood, we have all the time of the world. Go through all the tattvas and immerse yourself in one-beingness with the universe, with the elements, with the earth. According to sex coach Jordan Gray there are multiple benefits to slow sex: more orgasms (higher total number of orgasms), more powerful orgasms (for both), more connection, fewer and easier fights outside of the bedroom, less stress in daily life, more sex (in total time and in total number of weekly sessions) and more.

Want to go slow?
Start with a small exercise. Sit comfortably, with your spine stretched, and the two hands softly set on your thighs. You may close your eyes to disconnect with outside. Start breathing slowly and very deeply. Each inhale, visualize new energy (prana) coming into your body cells, feeding your entire body from lungs to head to hands to feet with fresh oxygen. Each exhale, visualize the ‘old energies’ leaving your body, and gently thank them for where they have brought you today. It’s like dusting your house, in every corner of every room. Focus on your breath for a couple of minutes, each time deeper and slower. Now feel the contact of your hands on your legs, the warmth of your hand, the care and the love flowing through your hands into your legs.

Feel it spread into your abdomen, into your heart and upwards. Now feel the contact of your back against the chair, of your bum, the weight of your body, of your feet on the ground, the pain in your spine, readjust, sit straighter and breathe in deeply. Feel freshness circulating through your nostrils, in your body as you start to relax and breathe even more profoundly. If you have more time, there are more exercises to explore. This can be done in a park or you can even do it sitting in your car. Now see how you feel. Observe your thoughts. Stay in that beautiful presence and remember that you can always come back to this state at any moment when needed through breathing. Aromatherapy can also be used to get you back into that state and essential oils can help you breathe deeper. helps you create your own tailored-made perfume