Family advice: The importance of a mother’s love


In our family advice section, Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow reflects on unconditional love.

Who is she? Where is she? We all have our own stories about what a mother is and what we would like her to be. From our mothers, we seek to be fully accepted and loved. But even more than that, we ask her to give us the right to existence. After all, it was through her we came to enter this human experience. She was the one that gave us the opportunity to breathe, and we seek her constant confirmation that we are allowed to keep on breathing. As if having been given life is not enough for us to know that we have the right to exist on our own terms. 

Let’s face it, life is sometimes confusing and having a human experience is not the easiest thing to deal with for a timeless soul. We are captive in a body and an appearance that we might or might not like. We are faced with an exterior world that is full of duality, far from the unity of our soul existence. And we are all surrounded by other human beings stuck in the same condition. 

Our mothers, who are only human too, are asked to provide us with unconditional love. A love that transcends the human experience, a love that is so strong and so deep that it erases the duality of this world and make our timeless souls feel at home in fast-paced reality, based on agendas and schedules. 

What we ask from a mother, is going beyond the limits of being human. We ask her to be everything we need and teach us everything we don’t know. We want her to love us like God loves us. Truly, deeply and unconditionally. To carry us when we have lost our footing and to cherish us when we shine. Some people are fortunate to have a mother who lives up to the impossible ideal of what a mother should be. Some people lost their mother at an early age and had to keep going, void of guidance from her. Some can hear her whispering from the spiritual realm. Others have complicated and unhealthy relationships with their mother. There is a myriad of Mothers: kind, controlling, sacrificing, devoted, frustrated, angry, sad, intrusive, over-powering… or nothing of the above. Or, all at the same time. 

Reflecting on the essence of a mother, I believe, at her best she is the one person in life who just wants us to be happy. She wants us to exist fully without any demands apart from seeing us flourishing, breathing and just being happy.

Maybe you have a mother like that? I know one like her, and she is the Mother for all of us. She is always there, providing the oxygen for us to breathe, offering her oceans to swim in and her mountains to climb. She nourishes and feeds our bodies with all that she has to provide. She is embracing our souls to nourish our spirits. She is the soft sand between our toes on a summer’s day, and she is the sweet grass under our bare picnic feet. She constantly regulates the oxygen in the air so that we can breathe. She cultivates to nourish our bodies and flourishes to fill our hearts and souls with beauty. She always keeps providing, so that we can live.