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Romantic movies: The top 6 weepies of all time

Film critic James Drew stocks up on hankies and reviews six classic romantic movies. Well, it's that time of year again (funny, isn't it, how...

Emma Stone: A movie star on the rise in Hollywood

Together spoke to Emma Stone, a young actress who is living her dream, despite being naturally anxious. When Emma Stone was a young girl growing...

Lea Seydoux: On the road to the cinema A-list

Lea Seydoux is talking absolute rubbish. Or she’s fishing for compliments. The stunning 30-year-old Parisienne, relaxed in dark jeans and a white shirt, with...

Cinema star interview: Emily Blunt

Together chats to Emily Blunt about taking on a Mexican hitman. Emily Blunt has always had a relaxed attitude towards her cinema acting career. She...

Pierce Brosnan: Survivor

Together chats to an Irish actor has shaken off the 007 tag with no regrets. With his pale eyes, rugged pallor and dashing swept locks,...

Interview: Natalie Portman

The past year has been an interesting adventure for Natalie Portman. Following her marriage to long-time boyfriend Benjamin Millepied, the exquisitely beautiful actress moved...

Interview: Will Smith

Once Hollywood's biggest A-lister, Will Smith, 46, was forced to reassess his status two years ago in the wake of box office bomb After...

Hilary Swank: From a trailer park to a Hollywood trailer

Two-time Academy award winner, Hilary Swank, 40, stars in The Homesman, a western saga opposite Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep. Swank made her...

Happy New Year from Together

It’s been a great year for Together. Our page number has grown, and we also produced a wellbeing supplement called Healthy. Look out for...

Interview: Brad Pitt

Is Fury the movie that will finally earn Brad Pitt the Oscar for best actor? Although he collected the Best Picture Oscar earlier this...
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