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 ‘Le Quartier Irlandais’: Kitty O’Shea’s and The Wild Geese

St Patrick’s Day (17 March) is fast approaching, there is no better place to celebrate than in one of Brussels’ Irish bars.  James Joyce once...

The clash of the ash

Looking for a new team sport? One that involves multiple skills? Then Gaelic sports could be for you. Together met with Seán Ryan, the...

Satsuma imo: Belgian patissiers celebrate the Japanese sweet potato

This isn’t the orange tuber we know in Belgium, the Japanese sweet potato is sweeter and less fibrous. The good news is that you...

Irish Film Festival

Interested in Irish cinema? Together has an interview with Colin Farrell recently nominated for the Oscars for the award of Best Actor in its...

Who am I?

The theme of this year’s PhotoBrussels Festival is Self-Portraiture. This is the 7th time the Korean Cultural Center has participated in this event and,...

GINETTE NY: A fusion of Paris-NYC style

GINETTE NY designer Frédérique Dessemond has finally established a presence in Brussels at the end of 2022. Born in Marseille, Dessemond grew up in...

Cokoon: luxury co-living

Together visited Maison Merjay to learn more about a new concept in co-living. Anne Lange and Christophe Parot are re-inventing the art of living. Following...

BEPS celebrates 50 years with an exceptional year

Catherine Feore met Pascale Hertay the Director of BEPS International School to find out why parents love the school, how it delivers for all...

Atomic Habits: How tiny changes can bring remarkable results

Atomic Habits by James Clear  This book provides some very reassuring insights explaining how small changes can make a big difference. James Clear uncovers a...

Planetarium – Julien Meert

Sorry We're Closed presents a new series of paintings by Julien Meert. The "Planetarium" series of paintings is about the absurdity of our condition...
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