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Politics: Show Me The Money

Our political correspondent Catherine Feore takes a step back and asks if the EU is value for money. Over the past couple of years, prime...

Politics: Ringing in the EU New

Catherine Feore casts an eye over the new boys and girls in the EU. The October European Council has just come to an end. It...

Politics: Impeachment is on the Menu

Politics: Catherine Feore says, ‘Nice country you’ve got there, would be a shame if something happened to it’. It has been difficult to stay up...

Money: Coping With Global Change

Money: Dave Deruytter looks at coping with change and deep uncertainty in today’s business world. Making the best of the business world as it undergoes...

Politics: Women in the race for EU top jobs

Politics: Catherine Feore looks into the not-too-distant future of the European Union employment merry-go-round and the women in the race for EU top jobs. I...

Politics: The EU in the year ahead 2019

Our politics correspondent Gerry Callaghan consults his crystal ball… It seems like not a day passed in 2018 where Brexit was not at the forefront...

World politics: Donald and Kim The reality show

Gerry Callaghan takes a biographical look at Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in his latest world politics article. The US President and the North...

Politics 2018: A look at the political year ahead

In our regular politics page Gerry Callaghan takes a look ahead to the issues facing the European Union in 2018. Over the past year, the...

European defence: The case for EU coordination

In his regular EU politics pieces Gerry Callaghan reports on the EU’s push for greater European defence coordination. The European Union has called on member...

World politics: The Russian Bear is back

Gerry Callaghan looks at Russia’s return to the world politics power table. Russia is back as a major global player after decades on the sidelines...
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