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Together Magazine: Distribution day in March

Together hosts greet spring in Brussels by passing out our March issue, which features an interview with the freshest prince of Hollywood: Will Smith!

Together Magazine: Distribution day in April

Our hostesses hand out copies of our April issue, with Parisienne star Natalie Portman gracing the cover.

Together Magazine: December/January Distribution day

Together's hosts bundled up in coats and scarves to pass out issues of our December/January issue, which features an interview with the glamorous Hilary...

Brussels: A campaign for better and safer pavements

A community response to the pavement of Brussels, Belgium A group of intern classmates have been working for the past month or so on a...

Cartier March 2015 Together Distribution Day

Cartier sponsored the Together March 2015 magazine distribution day. Watch the video...

Together Magazine: Distribution day in October

Once more our hostesses were on the streets of the European district to distribute our latest edition - gracing the cover is the lovely...

Together Magazine: Distribution day

A bevvy of beautiful hostesses lit up the European area as they handed out Together magazine, complete with Richard Branson on the cover. We...

Together Magazine’s Golf Tournament to be held July 7

The 2013 edition of the Golf Tournament is being sponsored by Aspira, BMW, Qatar Airways, Cuberdons Léopold, Ice Watch, Issey Miyake, ING and La...

The Top Ten ways to enjoy the weather

1.) Grab a drink at Belga With tables and chairs consuming the front of this popular spot, you can enjoy the company of friends while...

Getting fit with a 9-minute workout

A deck of playing cards can keep you occupied when you’re travelling from point A to point B or even serve as entertainment for a quiet...
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