Travel: Relationship Tips On Holiday


Travel: Muriel Troonen with some tips on preserving your relationship on holidays.

Did you know that holidays can be very demanding for a couple? While many of us are looking forward to spending time together and sharing exceptional moments with a loved one, others come back from holiday and break up. And jealousy is not always the culprit. It’s true that the daily routine doesn’t seem to need a lot of effort, but watch out!  Be prepared that, on vacation, things are different; so take them in hand. Reinforce your relationship by following these simple tips.

1. Take good care of yourself and prepare for the beach – sunblock, the light clothes, etc. This is essential for men and women. Do remember that we all love nice abs and pecs and that with some exercise you will get results soon. Feeling good and looking more attractive will also make you both feel better. Bingo !

2. Prepare your holidays and include activities that you both enjoy. Holidays should be a well-deserved respite where we aspire to do what we want, but it’s also time to take care of your relationship. If you go with the kids, explain to them that you’ll also have your own moments without them. If you go with other friends, do the same: plan one or two trips and evenings where every couple will do their own thing.

3. During the holidays challenge the daily routine by changing the rules and the roles: he cooks – you drive, you lie on the beach – he goes shopping. If you don’t see each other much during the year, you can decide to do almost everything together. Open your mind and try out other ways to relate and to rediscover your lover.

4. Accept constraints as a sign that you can also simply stay in your room and have fun there. Bring some games with you in case it rains.

5. Take time for sex and forget the TV. Again, it’s time to take time for your relationship and to go back to what makes you love each other.

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