Tunisia: African travel full of warmth and character


Cathartic Carthage
Rest and relaxation aside, I was thrilled that I would finally visit the ancient remains of indomitable Carthage founded by the Phoenician Queen Dido, home of the great general Hannibal and castigated by Cato, who saw the city as a threat to Rome’s power and declared ‘Carthage must be destroyed!’

There is some trepidation when you visit a place about which you have heard so much, will it ultimately disappoint? Thankfully, it doesn’t. I would highly recommend visiting the archaeological sites with one of the official guides and paying a visit to the original spa of 800 BC. The vista from the Thermes, near today’s presidential palace, must be one of the best in the world.

For urban chic and North African charm with a modern twist stay in The Residence, Tunis. The hotel and spa is a great base not far from the main sites. Apart from the outstanding spa, the hotel has three restaurants and a bar where you can chill in the evening and listen to some soothing jazz. On the periphery of the city, the hotel welcomes those visiting and doing business, or both. If you want to enjoy the sites, but also to revivify, this is the place for you!