World politics: Donald and Kim The reality show


Gerry Callaghan takes a biographical look at Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in his latest world politics article.

The US President and the North Korean leader have reached a platform few could ever imagine. Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are two of the world’s most talked about people. They have the potential to cause irreparable damage to us and the planet. Both men hold a tremendous amount of political power and personal wealth, and quite possibly, at the very minimum, could shift the spectrum of international power politics. Unlike The Donald, Tthe western world doesn’t really know all that much about Kim Jong Un – his life up until the last few years went largely unreported in the west, and in North Korea for that matter.

In a polar opposite world from Kim, Donald John Trump’s successes and failures, both in business and in private, have been headline news for overy forty years. He is worth an estimated 4.5bn dollars, despite stating its more like ten. He has been dubbed everything from a business tycoon to a sexual predator. He is outspoken, controversial and stubborn headed. It is no secret that Trump came from a wealthy background. He was born on 14th June 1946 and brought-up in his family home on Jamaica Estates in Queens, New York. He was raised by his father, Fred, and his mother Mary, alongside four siblings.

At the time of his birth, Donald’s father had already significantly built upon the wealth of his father, Frederick Trump, who made his money selling services to the miners of the Klondike gold rush. He left almost half a million dollars in today’s terms. It’s estimated that his father amassed around two to three hundred million at the time of his passing. Donald got his start in business with a “small loan” of one millions dollars from his father which he used to develop real estate.