Aqua JUMP: Get fit with a bit of bouncing


myAspria Contributor Nils Courcy declares that fitness can be fun with Aqua JUMP.

Created in Brazil, Aqua JUMP is the little brother of aquagym and aqua-bike, a group class based on a simple and original concept: jumping in rhythm and to music on a light, individual trampoline which is fixed to the bottom of a swimming pool with suction pads. This class makes an excellent complement to your usual ‘cardio’ and muscle-building workouts.

The continuous bounces and the resistance of the water to your movements create, first and foremost, an intense cardio-vascular activity which significantly expands your respiratory capacity.  Because this intensity can be adjusted according to the height and speed of execution, your Aqua JUMP class can allow you to do “HIIT” (interval work at high intensity).  The quantity of calories burned is remarkable and will continue for some time after your workout.  And don’t forget about the draining action produced by the continuous friction of the water on your skin, drastically reducing the “orange peel” effect!

And while your figure is being honed, your muscle fibres are being strengthened!  Because the trampoline is an unstable surface, it disrupts your buoyancy and forces you to keep moving and to contract your muscles to maintain your body’s stability in the water. The intense demands it makes on the deep muscles of your abdomen, your back and the muscles of your lower body promotes better postural balance. Aqua JUMP also develops your motor functions and proprioception (your capacity for awareness of your body in space), essentials for good mobility.

AQUA JUMPLet’s take comfort from our old friend Archimedes: the weightlessness of the water above all helps to absorb shocks, looking after your joints’ natural shock absorbers while reinforcing your ligaments and tendons!

But the thing that we loved most about this activity was that it’s such fun!  What could be more effective than exercising while having fun, in a group, in the pool, to the rhythm of rousing music?  The variable level of difficulty makes this class accessible to everyone, beginners, enthusiasts and athletes, from 14 to 99 years old1!  The 45-minute choreographies are presented by our qualified instructors. Finally, you don’t need to know how to swim because the Aqua JUMP class is performed in water at hip height.

Aqua JUMP represents a new ally that’s great fun, good for your figure and for slimming!  Give a summery Brazilian air to your Brussels winter workouts!  Not sure yet?  Give it a try!

Aspria Brussels Royal La Rasante.  Every Tuesday (19.15 – 20.00), Thursdays (10.00 – 10.45) and Fridays (12.30 – 13.15).

NB This class is not suitable for pregnant women, but does not present any risk of pelvic organs descending in women (prolapse).