Be successful: Being inspired is a forgotten art


INSPIRED COACHING Ok, so what to do?

What really works for me are two things. Firstly, have the Nelson Mandela, or famous, role model. This is what I call my long-term role model: people that 100% embody my values vision and mission and have achieved absolute mastery in their fields combined with the global recognition and fame for their achievements. Keep that role model simply because it is inspiring.

Secondly and simultaneously, find yourself a short-term role model. Someone that is excelling in the arena you want to excel in. Someone that has the same values as you and goes through life and business with similar mission and vision and possibly even a similar product. The only difference is that this person, this short-term role model, might just have only a two to three year ‘head-start on you’ and ‘you can catch’ that person.

To catch a ‘Nelson Mandela’ would seem ludicrous, after all you probably didn’t sit in a jail for 27 years, nor overthrew the apartheid regime or become the first democratically elected head of state of South Africa. To be inspired by his commitment to his personal values, dedication, perseverance and relentless authenticity is beautiful.

By doing enough hard work, having commitment and perseverance, you know you can achieve your short-term role model’s level of success, achievement and wealth within a matter of two to three years.

And that is what lights my fire – that is what drives me to get up every day and take at least one more step and stay fully focused on my goals. I know I will get there. All I must do is Stay Inspired.

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