Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Competition: Win davidrose eyewear

COMPETITION Together’s monthly competition gives you a chance to win eyewear at davidrose opticians: - Polarized prescription sunglasses with a value up to €400 (glasses by...

Luxury jewellery: The most famous jewels on the planet

If you’re looking for something unusual to give your loved one for Valentine’s Day, look no further than these famous pieces of luxury jewellery. Napoleon...

Romantic movies: The top 6 weepies of all time

Film critic James Drew stocks up on hankies and reviews six classic romantic movies. Well, it's that time of year again (funny, isn't it, how...

Tommy Tiernan: Irish comic live on stage in Belgium

Thursday, January 28, 2016 — Hot on the heels of Tommy’s critically acclaimed 2015 UK tour, Irish comedian, actor and writer Tommy Tiernan is...

Marc Sluszny: Watch his video ‘Living your dream’

Adventurer and extreme sportsman Marc Sluszny is an adventurer, sportsman, keynote speaker, mental coach and author. He gained worldwide attention by challenging the elements of nature...

Kiev: The winds of change

Lesley Williamson discovers golden domes, shimmering spires and bohemian spirits of freedom. The capital of Ukraine is a surprising destination to be explored in autumn,...

Self-help: Isn’t it ironic?

Self-help advisor Gemma Rose’s best intentions bring about the opposite outcome. “I’m very interested.” She stared at me intently, holding my gaze. A flush of...

Fitness: Your biological clock

Our regular fitness contributors at Aspria explain a little bit more about how to deal with your ticking ‘clock’. Aspria Brussels Royal La Rasante is...

Yoga in Ananda: The true meaning of bliss

Delphine Stefens eschews the stimulants of her busy life… 3,000-feet above sea level. Observe, take note and review. It’s good practice to write down your...

Park Hotel: Tokyo by Design

Tatiana Praxis headed to the Metropolis for the first time for a spot of fashion and art. It’s hard not to have high expectations of...
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