Thursday, November 30, 2023

Together Magazine summer 2017 distribution

Together Magazine launched its bumper summer edition on the streets of the capital. The event was held in collaboration with Wallonie Belgique Tourisme. The...

World fashion: Winners Of The Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge

In our latest World fashion article we look at designers who have been recognized for driving social innovation and inclusivity in the fashion industry. The...

Fashion: Buissonnière Keeping it in the Family

Fashion: Catherine Feore spoke with two of the four sisters that make this firm tick... Buissonnière - keeping it in the family! When Laurence Buissonnière came into...

Fashion advice: Make sure you dress for the heat

Our fashion advice expert Denitsa Tsekova makes dressing fancy in the heat simpler. So, how to dress fancy when the weather is scorching? It’s that time...

Fashion: Corthay – St. Germain chic at its best

Fashion: We look at the work of a shoemaker inspired by gastronomy - Corthay. A very special know-how passed on from one generation to the...

Beauty: The Thigh Gap

When my grandmother first heard of the ‘Thigh Gap’ and its related obsession, she nearly fell off her chair. Now an 82-year-old woman, she...

Belgian fashion: Collectors Club on top of the world

Belgian fashion sisters Nele and Veerle explain their Collectors philosophy. Collectors Club was born out of the joined forces of Belgian fashion sisters Nele and...

Fashion: Making the Fashion Industry Work

Fashion: Fashion Revolution explains its place in the world of modern fashion and the fashion industry. We are Fashion Revolution. We are people from all...

A new “Diamond Lounge” opened by Tollet

Tollet has opened a room in their store on 36 Rue des Fripiers dedicated to the sale of jewellery and luxury watches. Called the...

Belgian fashion: The Antwerp designers thrive

This month in our Belgian fashion pages we take a look at a city that simply oozes fashion. Antwerp and fashion The romance between Antwerp and...
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