Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Nutrition and exercise: Discover how to fuel your routine

In our latest Nutrition and exercise article dietician Sophie Bruno gives advice on what to eat before, during and after workouts. That period of the...

‘The Expectation Effect’ by David Robson

The Expectation Effect swept up awards in 2022 from the Financial Times Best Book of 2022 on Health and Wellbeing to Waterstone’s best popular...

(Grass) hockey has taken off in Belgium

Julian Hale makes the case for hockey, whether you are young or old!  The sport of grass hockey, also known as field hockey, has been...

Learning to meditate: Discover the 10x10x10 meditation method

In our latest learning to meditate article Chandra Devi (the chosen pen name and Hindi baptismal name of Karen Northshield) explains why a little...

Buying property: Learn how to anticipate changing markets

In our latest Buying property article real estate expert Yannick Callens explains how important it is to anticipate changes in the market. The year 2022...

Belgian education: Montgomery International School special events

In our latest Belgian education article discover a fast growing innternational school. The Montgomery International School is a private school near the Montgomery roundabout, in...

Belgian Presidency: Protect, strengthen, prepare

Catherine Feore casts a quick glance at what’s in store for the next six months On 1 January 2024, Belgium assumes the Presidency of the...

Unlocking the potential of ESG ratings

Arnaud Houdmont, Director of Communication, BETTER FINANCE, decodes the latest proposal from the European Commission assessing its promise, and its problems. It is an undeniable...

Coaching books: Another book to help make you successful

One of the most popular among coaching books Trey Gowdy books will help you find your way. Doesn't Hurt to Ask This #1 New York Times...

Sarbani Sen: Rid yourself of limiting beliefs!

What is high-potential activation? Sarbani Sen takes a look at how we are holding ourselves back and how we can free ourselves from negative...
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