Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Sisters in Islam: In search of peace

The first thing I notice about Ratna Osman - the Executive Director of Sisters in Islam (SIS), a Muslim women’s NGO based in Kuala...

Personal development: Love people, use things

I stay a couple of days in a village in Sumatra, Indonesia. Houses are situated each side of the long, dusty track, which is...

Late bloomers

At last year’s TEDxBrussels, I was particularly struck by one of the speakers, Lina Colucci, who spoke about health hackathons. Health hackathons bring together...

Self-help: Going with your gut

“Every decision that has profited me as has come from me listening to that inner voice first. And every time I’ve gotten into a...

Self-help: Know your value – know your self

Our self-help writer Gemma Rose suggests that before you know what you are worth, you first have to know who you are Albert Einstein demanded:...

Make your New Year’s Resolutions stick!

Yippee, another New Year is upon us! A much loved time to evaluate your life, what you did or didn’t achieve and in doing...

Surviving unemployment during the holidays

Merry Christmas, you’re fired or your position is being eliminated or, don’t take this personally, but we are downsizing.Have you ever experienced any of...

Survey show Brussels expats are well-integrated

A large-scale poll that involved some 9,000 expats, most of them working in the European institutions, revealed that many have a lot of Belgian...

Self-Discovery in Colour

Born into a world of colours, we grow up surrounded by colour in the environment and in our homes; we dress in colourful clothes, eat colourful food...

What to do about old friends

“To forget a friend is sad. Not everyone has had a friend. And if I forget him, I may become like the grown−ups who are no longer...
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