Combat sports: A current lifestyle fitness choice


Maxence S.A explains the benefits of combat sports for adults and children.

Combat sports are a current trend which is drawing in increasing numbers of people, regardless of their age, and which seems more and more like a lifestyle choice rather than just a way of letting off steam.

“Hajime…Matte…Rei!”  (Begin…Stop…Bow!)

Every Sunday you’ll find Maria and Matteo, our budding young judokas, on the tatami (Judo mat) at Aspria Arts-Loi under the watchful eye of their Sensei (instructor/master), Aymerick Glowacki.

Judo, and combat sports in general, follow a genuine philosophy allowing you to let off steam at the same time as instilling some important values such as respect for others and humility. It’s rare for people to practise these sports and to shout about it from the rooftops.

It’s true that our appetite for combat sports has become strong over the last few years; whether you live in town or in the country, specialist clubs are flourishing in many places, often combining multiple disciplines.

The members who belong to them are drawn from all walks of life, and age is almost irrelevant. It’s not unusual to rub shoulders with a fortysomething executive, some seniors (yes, grandma and grandpa are also allowed to have fun and work on their flexibility using combat), and the little kids who featured in this article.

So, why so much enthusiasm?  It’s really quite simple: when we step onto the tatami, just like with other sports, life’s little worries, work stress and bad tempers are not admitted – instead they are left in the changing rooms!  In addition to the need to learn complex techniques and holds which could one day help you get out of a tricky situation, for many people the origin of combat sports lies in the fruit of a philosophy, a way of life, created with the sole goal of achieving harmony between the body and spirit.  That’s one of the reasons we talk about learning fundamental human values before unleashing the physical side. That’s also why it’s essential to be able to create or strengthen these foundations, even from a very young age.

At Aspria, it’s something our teams put into practice every day so that we can offer you the best support in your chosen sports, whatever they are.  The saying ‘mens sana in corpore sano’, meaning ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’ takes on its full meaning here and combat sports can be considered as a practical application of this motto.

Already well known as a multi-disciplinary sports club, Aspria has kickstarted the process in this context, offering numerous classes in judo, Qwan Qi Do, Thai boxing, karate and capoeira at its clubs.

Find the group class timetable for children and adults at and then kick your shoes off, slip on your kimono (traditional judo tunic) and follow the example of Maria and Matteo, making Aspria your Dojo (place where you practise judo)!