Hulencourt Golf: The Belgian golf Academy is swinging high!


James Drew revisits Hulencourt Golf Club in the south of Brussels

After a successful first year for the Hulencourt Golf Academy, Hulencourt Golf Club’s Head of Performance Jérôme Theunis talks about the direction that the academy is taking. The motto in Latin of Hulencourt Golf Club is Nihil Melius Quam Bona Vita, which translates as ‘There is nothing better than a good life’. Too true, too true – and Hulencourt is certainly setting its stall out as far as providing the great golf life is concerned for its ever-growing clientele. “We have had a very good first year,” Jérôme explains. “We have learned a lot about what people really want from their golf training, particularly the parts of the game that people really want to train on.”

And it’s all about the training: “Our indoor centre, where a great deal of our training takes place, is already proving very popular, in winter time, from November onwards. We have established a system that we feel works very well. Essentially, it means we have a place, an indoor training centre, where players can train throughout the year, irrespective of the weather. The centre benefits from the latest swing analysis technologies, and also allows for putting and approaches practice on high quality artificial greens.”

And, when biomechanics golf specialist Emmanuel Spies is part of the team, one can only imagine what improvements can be made. So, Jérôme, what is biomechanics as far as golf is concerned? “Emmanuel specializes in biomechanics, which is defined as the study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms. He uses what we know as the K-Vest – worn by the golfer, this is a system to analyze all the important body parts during the golf swing, to identify how improvements may be made, and, in addition, we offer a complete screening service to identify how overall fitness and toning may be improved.” And it is certainly a game for young and old at Hulencourt – Jérôme is very proud of the progress that is being made with the Junior Programme, in particular the dazzling efforts of one young star, 18-year-old Jean de Wouters.

“Jean has already qualified for the upcoming World Cup and Junior Olympics, so we are obviously very proud and pleased for him. And, we have other young players who are progressing very well in their training, many of them international.” And the club is also proving a big hit with the expat community: “Our association with the St. John’s School in Waterloo has really opened the doors for expats,” Jérôme explains “and we offer some very good deals to get them to join and to keep them interested.” Jérôme himself has certainly made his mark when it comes to the beautiful game – a former Belgian Junior Champion, Jérôme’s professional career developed on the European Tours, eventually winning the Neuchatel Open in 2004. Retiring as a playing pro in 2008, Jérôme became coach to Belgian Ryder Cup star Nicolas Colsaerts, before joining Hulencourt as head pro in 2013 and opening the Golf Academy in 2017.

The Hulencourt also has two immaculately maintained courses, ‘Le Vallon’ and ‘Le Verger’ – Le Vallon is the Championship course and is widely acclaimed as being one of the best conditioned courses in Belgium, designed by French architect Jean-Manuel Rossi, while ‘Le Verger’ is a 9-hole course that suits beginners and younger players. And, it is fair to say, the Hulencourt Golf Academy by Jérôme Theunis has modern facilities that are perfect for learning golf in all seasons. From the practice range, which is a large training area with 20 mats, including 10 covered ones, to the putting green, which is a large training area for putting with several elevations and grass that is cut in the same manner as on the course, and a training area that’s reserved for approaches and small range play, you have it all covered!

There is of course also a fitness and cardio gym to help you improve your physical condition, with changing rooms and showers available. It’s all about fitness, right? And word is getting around about just how good Hulencourt is – the prestigious Callaway brand, world leader in golf equipment, has recently chosen Hulencourt as the national base for its showroom and the presentation of its products. So, what do you think? No time like the present, and right now would seem the ideal time to take the first step and become a member of this wonderful golf club, to enjoy the course, its exceptional academy, and the first-rate training and coaching that Jérôme and his team will provide. Join, and you will swing!

Hulencourt Golf Club & Academy
Route de Lillois 1472 Genappe Belgium
Tel: 067 79 40 40