Family advice: The importance of a mother’s love


FAMILY ADVICE But more than that, her love is unconditionally yours, as she receives your psychological wounds. She is not only regenerating nature, she also regenerates your mind, heart, and soul. 

In a more than confusing time in my life, I needed an answer to who truly loved me. I was seeking a love out of this world. I wanted to know who was on my side, and unconditionally so. I was convinced that there had to be someone, somewhere out there in the immensity of the universe that truly deeply loved me. I searched far away and deep within, to finally receive the answer that the one who loved me more than anyone was just below my feet. The one who loved me unconditionally, beyond the human experience, was Mother Earth. I received the answer that she is my true mother, and she is your true mother too. 

No matter what happens to humanity, she will survive. That is reassuring, isn’t it? At least, it is for me. The certainty that my Mother will survive no matter what happens, gives me strength. Life on earth will not end, even if I am no longer part of it. It is a beautiful and reassuring insight. To have the revelation that she loves me unconditionally, beyond the complexity of the human experience, was strengthening and calming, a calming peace. 

She loves us so much that she came to me with a mystical offering about ten years ago. She encouraged me to use her unconditional love to assist people in healing their psychological wounds. She came and opened her crust so that I could pour all the pain I see in people into her, for her to swallow and transform.

When I do healing, I connect to your aura to liberate you from the past, and she is always there right by my side. She opens up her crust to have me throw into her all the pain and the hurts that you have endured. She encourages me to give her all that is wounded in the people I help. There are no limits to her love and to strength. She swallows the abuse, the betrayal, the anger, the resentment, the under-valuation and the self-loathing. She just takes it all. She is the embodiment of strength, love, and beauty. She is the essence of compassion and care. She is a true warrior for unconditional love.

Summer is approaching, and she is celebrating life, nature is celebrating life. Wherever you are, however you feel, there is love below your feet. Mother Earth’s only wish is for you to be happy, and for you to return her love. Reach out to her, and you will feel how deep her love is. Take off your shoes and go for a walk with her, hug a tree, swim naked and don’t forget to feel the wind caressing your cheeks. The gentle breeze is there to remind you that you are alive. When you do, remember life is happy.            

Let’s all cherish the essence of nature. 


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Katarina Winslow Therapist, Intuitive Healer, Writer