Fitness tips: Your health and water


Louise Hick talks to Aspria instructor Xavier Peirels about fitness tips in water.

Classes held in the water have so many benefits. All the more reason to take the plunge.

“When you finish an aqua class, you feel good twice over. Of course you feel good because of the work you’ve done, which can be intense. But you also have the sensation of wellbeing provided by the water,” explains Xavier Peirels, enthusiastic Sports Coordinator and Aqua Instructor at Aspria Brussels Arts-Loi with 15 years’ service behind him.

It’s true that the wellbeing benefits of an aqua class are undeniable, but that’s certainly not all there is to it. Adaptability is another advantage: these classes are accessible to everyone according to their goals, with the water allowing the instructor to vary the difficulty of the exercises performed. “The principle is that your movements should work against the resistance of the water, which is greater than that of air,” Xavier tells us. “You can work through the movements fully for maximum resistance and an intense workout, or you can choose to train more gently.” This variety is perfect, allowing everyone to work out in the pool, from the athlete in his thirties to the coolest fifty-something, by way of people who’ve suffered illness or injury. They can all devote themselves to the pleasures of aqua sports, risk-free.

Another advantage is that it’s impossible to injure yourself when there’s no contact with the ground and all movements and shocks are cushioned by the water. There are no adverse effects. In the water, your body also feels lighter (three times lighter than on dry land) and movements are made easier, so you exert yourself much more in the pool without (really) realising.

That takes care of the immediate benefits during the class, but the benefits afterwards in the medium term are also many. Aesthetically, first of all: exercise in the water is an excellent way to actively combat cellulite, helping you to refine and tone your figure and to eliminate the orange peel effect. With two or three weekly sessions, the results are convincing.

Then there are health benefits, because aqua classes mobilize both the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems, improving circulation, muscular strength and overall mobility.

So you see, the reasons for adopting an aquatic attitude are numerous, and the obstacles non-existent. Let’s go to the pool!

FITNESS TIPSThe aqua classes available at Aspria Brussels Arts-Loi are:

What? Focusing on cardio and muscle training in the water.

Who for? People who dream of an intense workout in a watery setting.

What? Dance and acrobatics around a bar in the water

Who for? People who want to play the fun card, with cast-iron abdos included.

What? Fitness using a raised platform in the water

Who for? People who want to get the maximum benefit for their muscles from stepping, with a special mention for the buttocks.

What? Muscular strengthening in the water using a resistance tube

Who for? People who are focusing on the abdominal belt and waistline