Get fit: Put some variation in your excercise routine


GET FIT Cycles of get fit variation
When you’re working within the framework of physical preparation specifically targeting performance in a given discipline, it’s crucial to respect the cycles where variation plays a part. Sarah Loko is elite athlete in judo (-63kg) and winner of the last Open Pan-American in Santiago, Chile in 2016, among other titles. She explains: “The fundamentals and stabilization play a very important role in my preparation.  But when I have a competition coming up, my workouts become shorter and more intense. I do the full movements without using much weight. I also promote explosive power to push back my lactic acid threshold during my fights.”

No elite athlete could aim to excel in every discipline because, however honed he is, his physique is programmed for a very specific performance. That’s why you never see a sprinter with the physique of a marathon runner!

In practice
According to Florent Rivault, senior instructor at the club Aspria Brussels Arts-Loi, working out in the gym should never become boring: Enjoyment should always be your key word and variation helps to avoid monotony. Functional ‘circuit training’ type workouts are ideal for motivation. They offer an excellent means of discovering new techniques and working on weaknesses in a fun and creative way!  It’s also a method which means you’re no longer exercising in the corner on your own because you’re making connections and you’re helping each other in a spirit of gentle competitiveness. That restores confidence!  And above all, it’s often about high intensity workouts, which are remarkably effective when it comes to boosting your metabolism a bit! With a wide range of HIIT training formats and some innovative and fun equipment available (including TRX, skipping ropes, bosu, VIP’R etc.), there really is everything you need to make progress and have fun in the gym today!”

Many members who, for example, feel comfortable in a BodyPump class which they’ve been doing for ages, don’t dare to break out and try something else. Even if the choreographies change regularly, it’s not enough to avoid stagnation and can’t claim to provide a comprehensive workout. If you want to continue making progress, why not try a cycling class from time to time?  By the same logic, yoga fans should ideally include a cardio dimension which is lacking in their exercise regime.


From now on, change your workouts for good!