Health advice: Karma yoga for a more peaceful society


HEALTH ADVICE You create what you see
Everything is how we perceive it. What we perceive will be explained differently by another person. You have to begin where you are by observing your karma and participating wholeheartedly by putting your creative nature into it. Therefore, in hindu collectivities (or Ashram) exposure is given to many different tasks where you know that you are not the gainer, yet you try to express your efficiency and creativity, try to become one with what you are doing, not through the ego, but rather by recognizing the tasks as actions that simply have to be done.

There are three principles in the practice of karma yoga: actions should be performed with the highest perfection, without any expectation, and with total participation. It is said that if we can incorporate these three criteria in any activity that we undertake, we will find greater happiness, peace and enjoyment. We will discover our own creative nature. Activities will no longer remain mechanical or routine. Every moment will become one of learning, knowing and realizing, of adjusting. The change takes over and one becomes pure, free from desires and ego influences. This reminds us a lot of Mindfulness and the benefits thereof.

Tony Robbins, the world-famous coach, also speaks of striving for collective higher goals that will bring more joy and fulfillment, because when there is no expectation, you let go and surrender. When there is total participation, one-pointedness comes. When you are striving for perfection, trying to do the best you can and improving every time, new expressions of creativity are seen. The mind, emotions, and actions: head, heart and hands, become aligned; they are balanced.