Loving relationships: The song that is in your heart


MUSIC FITNESSMagically, sometime later, another angel appeared, this time from the other side of life. This angel was my dear friend, a friend from my youth in Sweden, with whom there had been an understanding beyond the visible realm. A silent understanding of who we were. His amazingly creative mind and my own understood each other. His hungry heart and mine were connected in the longing for something beyond the tangible, something larger than life. A secret understanding of being creators, of imagining, of loving the fun in life. We cherished ‘the word’ together and the big spaces in between the words too. Laying on my bed one Sunday morning, thinking about the beauty of our connection, I was wondering what he would say to me now when he was gone. Now, when he knew how it was on the other side of life. I had just the time to think the thought when I heard his voice whispering, “Katarina, write that song.” “What song?”, I asked him.

He simply answered: “The song that is in your heart.”

In this one simple phrase, he had given me the key to life, the key to my happiness. I cherished the essence of his message as I went inward to the centre of my heart to find my answers. In its simplicity, he had just given me the most precious gift ever, to listen to what you really want. To find what you really came here for in the first place, to know your mission and to live from that place. To not live a substitute life, the one that will do, but to live the one you are passionate about, the one you were destined for. It does not have to be something breathtaking but just being completely true to yourself. What do you love? What can you do for free at seven in the morning and at midnight knowing and feeling that you are in your element? That is your song.
To do that, we all need angels to see and reaffirm who we are, to see our gifts, to believe in us.

What is your gift to the world? This spring, believe in the song of another, and write the song in your own heart. That is the true meaning of love, and then you will be love, and all the love will be yours.

Find your gift, write your song, and our hearts will be love. Together.