Personal Development: Reconnection Healing


We will have new community rules. There will be no space for judgments or conclusions. Everybody has his own special space and role to play. We will all be recognized for our own special value, whatever that is. We will all be working on our wounds to improve our collaboration. There will be many collaborations and expansions of consciousness. The vibes uniting people will be very strong. There will be a feeling of collective aura. We will be living in total allowance, honour, trust, vulnerability and gratitude for each other. Mutual healing processes will happen consciously. There will be total openness. We will evolve by laterality, just by cellular transmission or connection, there will be no need to talk or criticize.

We will have the ability to take full responsibility for our own karma – the world of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, words and actions. At this level of frequency, we will no longer identify as a victim of any perceived external stimulus. We will use telepathy and attract the people we need to vibe what we want to feel.

We will practice meditation every time we need it, like the Muslims do their prayers, meditating a couple of times a day. It will seem normal and healthy to do so, in order to keep the vibration and the connection high. We will all vibe together for a higher expansion, so the whole group is happy. It will be clear that the whole will benefit from individual evolution.

What do we do with the kids? They will be allowed to choose for themselves – adults won’t push them. They will follow what they feel they need and will be trusted and honoured. They will have the opportunity to test and ask for coaching from people they judge interesting to them (not necessarily their parents).

Looking at the body from an organic point of view, from the inside, food will have an entirely new dimension. We will stop harming our body by intoxicating it with food. We
will be at our peak performance because we will be eating exactly what our body needs (having cleared all the social and psychological cravings that destroy the body). Our skin will improve (as we will feel less stress in our body and soul) and stay young longer. We’ll drink more plants (Aloe vera, grass etc). Our attention will go to higher goals than food. We’ll spend less time on eating and food will be more adapted to our real needs.

Hospitals will be totally obsolete: taking care and aligning with our physical needs, there won’t be any disease. And if we fail and do get trapped into some conclusion of judgment there will be healing centre to help us get out of old patterns and addictive thoughts. The new hospitals will be ‘inter disciplinary hubs’ with different therapies, each performing on different needs and vibrational frequencies.

Astrology will be a science again. Supra governments will ally to foresee and prevent natural galactic catastrophes. The only difficulties we will go through will be the climatic changes linked to the universe. But here again, we will be in the philosophy of the now, in the spirit of mindfulness in which everything is a present, a gift.