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Together magazine and Aspria: Getting fit for life

Together launched its latest issue, putting on a sparkling show on the esplanade in collaboration with Aspria. As readers were handed their magazine -...

Fitness fun: Make sure exercise is infectious

Kate Cracknell, myASPRIA contributor, looks at a new survey on our exercise habits - fitness fun. If you’re struggling to stick to your exercise routine,...

Fitness generations. Are you fit enough for your age?

Matthew Lunn, group wellbeing manager for Aspria, looks at how we should perform through the decades. How does your fitness rank against that of others...

Aqua JUMP: Get fit with a bit of bouncing

myAspria Contributor Nils Courcy declares that fitness can be fun with Aqua JUMP. Created in Brazil, Aqua JUMP is the little brother of aquagym and...

Aspria: A new sports centre for Parc Solvay

In spring 2016, Aspria Group will open a fourth club in the Brussels Region, at the heart of the listed site of Parc Solvay.This...
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