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Health & Fitness: Quickstart Meditation Guide

Health & Fitness: Aspria’s Maria Luisa Fissasegola shares her expertise with a quickstart guide to meditation. The words ‘meditation’ and ‘mindfulness’ are cropping up with...

Fitness: Going Clean Is This Year’s Detox

Kate Cracknell, Wellbeing Expert at Aspria says: 'Detox? It’s so last year!' This year, the buzzword is ‘clean’ – clean eating, clean therapy, clean products, clean...

Fitness: Working Your Core

Anna Vondrouskova, WATFIT instructor for Aspria in Brussels, explains why everyone should try WATFIT and work your core. How would you describe WATFIT?: WATFIT is a...

Health & Fitness: New Trends for 2020

Health & Fitness: Aspria explains how we should approach our holistic wellbeing over the coming year. 1. Applied data: Heart-rate monitoring is booming, and for good...

Health & Fitness: It’s Never Too Late!

Health & Fitness: Aspria takes a look at how to stay active as you get older - it's never too late! Increasing your levels of...

Health & Fitness: Let’s Dance!

Health & Fitness: Aspria’s Kate Cracknell offers five good reasons why you need to dance.   Dancing isn’t just good fun. Male or female, young or...

Health: Head for the Weights

Kate Cracknell and Reney Nazim offer five reasons why you should head for the weights. Training our muscles isn’t just about toning up and looking...

Aspria fitness and Together distribute latest magazine

Together magazine's latest issue has hit the streets. The launch was sponsored by Aspria, and Halle Berry graced the cover. The magazine contains our...

Fitness: Don’t worry, get fit with minimal exercise

Fitness experts Aspria explain how just 10 minutes’ exercise will make you happier You don’t need to exercise for hours to get positive results. Even...

Brussels fitness: Aspria offers an unparalleled service

In our latest Brussels fitness piece, we sat down this month with Brian Morris, Aspria Group CEO. What makes Aspria unique? We like to think we’re...
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