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Motoring tips: The Mini Countryman 2

Our motoring correspondent Bob Monard takes a look at the latest Mini. Finally unveiled at the recent Geneva Motor Show, the Mini Countryman kept us...

Luxury cars: Transport works of art

We have four of the most expensive luxury cars for your delectation this month… One motoring commentator Bob Monard rather unkindly stated that some of...

The smart cabrio: Fun is in the air!

Our motoring correspondent Bob Monard is a big fan of Mercedes’ little city slicker, the smart cabrio. Mobility and cars with a compact form go...

Luxury cars: The seductive Jaguar XE:

Our motoring correspondent Bob Monard continues his luxury cars reviews by taking the XE for a spin. Her older sister was born under the sign...

Motoring: The top of the top-range in 2016

Our motoring correspondent Bob Monard takes a look at recent and in particular the new kids on the block. Alfa Romeo The Fiat Group’s sports brand...

Jaguar XF 2016: Business class cars

Our motoring correspondent Bob Monard takes a look at the new powerful Jaguar, one of the cars to keep an eye. A roadmaster, the XF...

A luxury car, a sustainable approach

Martin Banks spent the day been driven in a Land Rover to meet some eco-conscious entrepreneurs. The link between a €100,000 car and a Flemish...

Motoring: Dream cars

Belgium boasts a fleet of more than 7 million cars, 5.5 million of which are privately owned. So it’s safe to say that the...

Infiniti: Simply the best

The Infiniti brand personifies Nissan’s upscale vehicles. It took its first bow in 1989 in the USA and arrived in Europe in 2000. By...

Jaguar’s F-TYPE series defines the sports Coupé

The F-TYPE Coupé provides its driver with a unique sports car experience. It combines seductive design with cutting-edge technology and performance which is truly...
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