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Religion: Looking at Islam and Catholicism

In our religion article Gemma Rose takes a journey into her faith. I was in London during the London Bridge attacks. I had spent the...

Fashion advice: Make sure you dress for the heat

Our fashion advice expert Denitsa Tsekova makes dressing fancy in the heat simpler. So, how to dress fancy when the weather is scorching? It’s that time...

Success: Seven Men And the Secret of Their Greatness

Our latest success page looks at the work of Eric Metaxas. Seven Men: And the Secret of Their Greatness What makes a great man great? Seven...

Technology and money: Find out about cryptic currencies

Our technology guy Colin Moors turns his attention to non-existent currencies. Warning: This is about cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Don't worry though, the aim of...

Yoga today: We say let go of the supremacy

Sarbani Sen wonders what on Earth has happened to yoga today! Coming across the #yogaindustry campaign recently, I was surprised to encounter kindergarten stories of...

Luxury dining: The top 100 restaurants in the world

Luxury website Elite Traveler has announced the restaurants that billionaires voted for. Now in its seventh consecutive year, Elite Traveler’s Top 100 Restaurants gives the...

Employment: Treating 50+ years old employees

In our latest employment article Dave Deruytter asks what employers should do with their 50+ years old employees. Many, particularly large, companies struggle with the...

Personal coaching books: Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff

Our latest personal coaching book pages look at an author offering powerful tips for long-term success. The full title of this personal coaching book is...

Tony Robbins: Unshakeable – Your Financial Freedom Playbook

A Together favourite Tony Robbins offers advice in plain English. After interviewing fifty of the world’s greatest financial minds and penning the #1 New York...

Coaching books: Superintelligence, Paths, Strategies

This month we take a look at another of our favourite coaching books that can inspire you to success. Nick Bostrom is Professor at Oxford...
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