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Nutrition: Learn strategies for sporting performance

Our nutrition expert Sophie Bruno offers tips on investing in your body. The season for new year resolutions is upon, and we are all trying...

Health & Fitness: The Summer Challenge

Health & Fitness: It’s summer, the most popular season of the year! We love the warmth and longer days, the feeling of new energy...

Gut nutrition: Diet and gut, a healthy microbiome

Our nutrition expert Sophie Bruno spotlights the importance of diet in healthy gut nutrition. The gut microbiome is often considered a ‘forgotten organ’ or the...

Alzheimer’s: Use your diet to reduce the risk

Our nutrition expert Sophie Bruno looks at the connection between our diet and dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. If you are concerned about your future health,...

Food psychology can help your children

Our nutrition expert Sophie Bruno offer tips for handling fussy eaters using food psychology. Children, especially toddlers and young children, are notoriously difficult eaters. Meal...

Food technology: Space food for today

Colin Moors looks into the progress of food technology, a subject close to his heart… and his stomach. “Ground control to Major Tom, take your...

Dining out: Stay smart

Our nutrition expert Sophie Bruno offers tips on how to eat well while dining out Making healthy choices when eating out often poses a challenge....

Personalized nutrition: Different dieting

Dietician expert Sophie Bruno feels that that carefully tailoring diets to meet individuals' blood sugar levels is the future and offers a guide to...

Healthy nutrition: 5 tips for turning food into fuel

Together’s dietician expert Sophie Bruno talks about healthy nutrition and looks at food choices before, during and after workouts. No matter what your goal is...

Food mood: Making the nutritional health links

Dietician Sophie Bruno explains how nutritional the food mood links and how it can boost your mood and optimal wellbeing. Food and nutrition plays an...
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