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World Cup 2018: Ideas for Belgium to win it

St. John's International Pre-Kindergarten students in Cedar class are big supporters of the Belgian soccer team. With the World Cup coming up, they wanted...

World economics: Ten years on from the big crash

Our financial expert Dave Deruytter looks back over the decade and into the future for world economics. We are ten years on from the financial...

World politics: The Russian Bear is back

Gerry Callaghan looks at Russia’s return to the world politics power table. Russia is back as a major global player after decades on the sidelines...

European politics: More power to the people

In his regular Together magazine European politics column, Gerry Callaghan finds the current state of the political word simply insane. Most of us were happy...

Luxury: The most expensive pens in the world

We look at the best luxury pens ever to scratch across paper. Caran d'Ache La Modernista Diamonds Located in Geneva since its inception in 1915, the...

Francis Rossi: Rockin’ all over the world

Jake Taylor talks to Francis Rossi as his iconic band pulls the plug on their live gigs. It’s been nearly 50 years since Status Quo...

World economy: The rise of the robots

Dave Deruytter looks at the world economy, suggesting that the human to cyborg route may happen faster than we think. Will humans dream of...

Luxury: 8 most successful fashion brands

This month we look at some of the iconic and very wealthy luxury brands in the fashion world. Ralph Lauren What began 40 years ago with...

UNESCO: Visit the World Heritage Sites of France

This travel guide uses up-to-the-minute information to help you discover stunning locations in France classified by UNESCO. The World Heritage Sites of France is a...

Luxury phones: World’s most expensive phones

This month we look at luxury phones - some very expensive means of communication. iPhone 6 Diamond Ecstasy UK-based, Goldgenie released the most expensive iPhone in the...
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