Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Nutrition tips: The myth of perfect eating

In our latest nutrition tips article Gemma Rose calls time on the fantasy of clean food. “I spent all last week eating really badly, so...

Brussels restaurants: Discover CŎCĪNA Flagey and Poké House

Our latest Brussels restaurants article offers up two more fine dining venues. CŎCĪNA Flagey CŎCĪNA, pronounce kɔ-ki-na, the restaurant on rue Washington, Negozio & Trattoria, seduces...

Nutrition advice: Discover intuitive eating and the anti-diet approach

In our latest Nutrition advice article Fitness & Nutrition Coach Zita Gacser talks about something that seems so unbelievable. Imagine a life where there are...

World cuisine: Brussels is number one for international food

Our latest world cuisine article reveals that Brussels is on top of the world. With the joy of food being something that unites us all,...

Travel Paris: Fancy a getaway to the City of Lights?

Our latest travel Paris article discovers a remarkable hotel. In Paris, the choice of location of your stay is essential. This is why we chose...

Belgium festive drinks: Discover some excellent sparkling wines

The festive season is upon us and in our latest Belgium festive drinks article we offer tips on some wonderful wines. Vineaste New on the wine...

Belgian wine: Discover the juicy Château Bon Baron

In this month’s Belgian wine article a Belgian château explains about its wines and soils. Our wines are characterized by their specific soil cultivation. This...

Wallonie shopping: A sparkling festive season at La Boutique de Wallonie

Our latest Wallonie shopping article takes a look at a great spot for all your festive needs. There is an air of celebration at La...

Belgian gastronomy: Strong Women Make Big Bordeaux Bottles

In our latest Belgian gastronomy article we look at an exceptional gastronomic and oenological gathering. Born in the world of wine or coming from multiple...

Dining in Brussels: Discover Bagheera’s call of the wild

Our latest Dining in Brussels article invites you to take a walk on the side. From the moment you walk through the corridor that leads...
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