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Health & Fitness: It’s Never Too Late!

Health & Fitness: Aspria takes a look at how to stay active as you get older - it's never too late! Increasing your levels of...

Health & Fitness: Let’s Dance!

Health & Fitness: Aspria’s Kate Cracknell offers five good reasons why you need to dance.   Dancing isn’t just good fun. Male or female, young or...

Health & Fitness: The Breathing Formula

Kate Cracknell offers a few reminders regarding our breath and presents a unique breathing formula! Over the years, you’ve probably forgotten how to breathe properly....

Alline Procap: Impressive results from tests by Wowo’s

Belgian pharmaceutical company Trenker Laboratories, creators of Alline Procap, has teamed up with Wowo's, WonderFul Women community, the network of women with projects to test...

Health & Fitness: Sitting Harms Your Health

Kate Cracknell reports that research suggests that extended bouts of sitting harms your health. But why, how bad... and what can we do about...

Health & Fitness: The Summer Challenge

Health & Fitness: It’s summer, the most popular season of the year! We love the warmth and longer days, the feeling of new energy...

Personal Development: Nature’s Nurture

Personal Development: Our life-coaches, highlighting cases from their profession, show how nature’s nurture and renewal can be a source of wellbeing and recovery. The man who...

Personal Development: Is Anxiety All Bad?

Is anxiety all bad? Psychiatrist Dr Lucy Fuks, Medical Director of the Community Health Service in Belgium, explains how anxiety has positive aspects as...

Wellness: Relax Around Brussels

We take a look at two exclusive thermal wellness centres around Brussels. Thermae Grimbergen: For sisters Tine and Joke Vanderzijpen, their father’s dream became their own....

Personal Development: 6 Steps to Ecological Transition

Personal Development: Sarbani Sen explains her 6 steps to ecological transition. 1. Eat, buy, connect local Try as much as possible to buy at the corner shop,...
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